Black Lava Suede"Convertible" with Neodymium Magnets and removable Topper! NOW AVAILABLE!!

$ 84.95



Hi! I received one of your recent email about the Foot Pain? Hawaiian Jelly’s Newly Patented Convertible Sandals. I bought a pair and just wanted to let you know it fixed my right heel problem. I Had a bone spur from running over the years and when I bought my new home it has tile floors throughout and from walking around barefoot my Right heel became so sore and painful I went to a podiatrist and they gave me a Shot in my foot and to be honest it hurt like hell and made my foot sorer. Was thinking I was going to have foot surgery but decided to Buy a new pair of your convertible Black sandals and started wearing them in my home. After a few months, it solved my heel problem 100% with no issues. I can honestly say Hawaiian Jelly’s sandals was a life saver and I highly recommend and stand behind your product if others have similar issues with their feet. Thank you again. Stephen 

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Men’s Sizing:

Your “everyday” shoe size              Hawaiian Jellys Slip…aaah size                                            
          Men’s 3                                               M4/W6
          Men’s 4                                               M5/W7
          Men’s 5                                               M6/W8
          Men’s 6                                               M7/W9
          Men’s 7                                               M8/W10
          Men’s 8                                               M9/W11
          Men’s 9                                               M10/W12
          Men’s 10                                             M10/W12
          Men’s 11                                             M11
          Men’s 12                                             M12
          Men’s 13                                             M13
          Men’s 14                                             M14
Women’s Sizing:
Your “everyday” shoe size           Hawaiian Jellys Slip…aaah size                                                                                                                                                  
Women’s 5                                          M4/W6
Women’s 6                                          M5/W7
Women’s 7                                          M6/W8
Women’s 8                                          M7/W9
Women’s 9                                          M8/W10
Women’s 10                                        M9/W11
Women’s 11                                        M10/W12
Women’s 12                                        M10/W12