NEW! Ultra-Comfort Suede High Heels with Stabilization - Emerald Green

$ 124.95


 Tired of High Heels that hurt your feet, ruin your posture, damage your ankles, knees and back?

Hawaiian Jellys – A world Leader in orthotically designed, highly advanced footwear has now invented a new type of high heels for Women.


“A woman, reinvented and empowered from the ground up, style AND comfort with Hawaiian Jellys New Ultra-Comfort High Heels with Stabilization”

Benefits Include:

  • a hidden softer angle (easier on the foot and yet maintaining all of the look of much higher heels)
  • arch support
  • heel air system
  • advanced memory foam over a soft multi-layered ball of the foot design
  • beautiful double strap overlay
  • all super soft suede leather   

All of these together is sure to make you “feel” the difference!!

Try Hawaiian Jellys Ultra-Comfort High Heels today and you will never go back to uncomfortable heels again…besides we have them in the most beautiful all suede colors you have ever seen and at a truly great price!

Stunning: Emerald (green), Black Diamond, Brown Topaz, Ruby (red), Amethyst (purple) and Blue Sapphire …how about your closet with one pair of each and you never have to wear uncomfortable high heels again!!!

Perfect for everyday comfort and…the Black Tie Event at Buckingham Palace. Get yours today (before we run out!)