CONVERTIBLE" Kona Coffee Original Slip…aaahs™

$ 49.95


New! NON-SLIP Silicon jelly insert!

Go Naked…or not!! Hawaiian Jellys Ultra-Comfort Original Slip…aaahs™ - now with Hawaiian Jellys Toppers! Wear them in ultra comfort as always or...for those colder mornings at home,  simply pop on the new Hawaiian Jellys Topper - an advanced neodymium hidden magnet system (with all the great benefits of magnets)  within the ultra-soft Hawaiian Jellys Topper that simply magnetizes to the original slip…aaahs. Hard to improve the world famous HJ original ultra-comfort slip…aaahs™ but we did it!  Get yours today!  Beautiful colors currently available: Patriotic (Red White and Blue), Black Lava, Dragon Fruit, Kona Coffee, Lychee, Avocado  only $49.95 (including free matching Hawaiian Jellys topper!) 

Coffee plants, from Brazillian cuttings, were brought to the Kona district in 1828 by Reverend Samuel Ruggles, one of Hawai’i’s very first missionaries. Kona coffee is one of the best coffees in the world and, outside of Kona, is one of the most expensive. It is still hand-tended on small 5-10 acre family farms producing a highly superior product. A local favorite is “Onolicious” meaning “Great Tasting,” produced by the Koa Coffee Company. We hope you enjoy your Kona Coffee colored Hawaiian Jellys Slip…aaahs

How do I know what size to order?

Our Slip…aaahs are unisex sized and offered in whole sizes with one standard width per size. “M” refers to the Mens sizes; “W” refers to the Womens sizes.  If you normally wear a Mens 7/Womens 9 or smaller, we recommend you order up a size as our sizing tends to run smaller within this smaller range.  If you wear a half size, we recommend trying the next whole size up. 

Men’s Sizing:

Your “everyday” shoe size              Hawaiian Jellys Slip…aaahs size                                            

          Men’s 3                                               M4/W6

          Men’s 4                                               M5/W7

          Men’s 5                                               M6/W8

          Men’s 6                                               M7/W9

          Men’s 7                                               M8/W10

          Men’s 8                                               M9/W11

          Men’s 9                                               M10/W12

          Men’s 10                                             M10/W12

          Men’s 11                                             M11

          Men’s 12                                             M12

          Men’s 13                                             M13

          Men’s 14                                             M14

Women’s Sizing:

Your “everyday” shoe size           Hawaiian Jellys Slip…aaahs size                                                                                                                                                  

Women’s 5                                          M4/W6

Women’s 6                                          M5/W7

Women’s 7                                          M6/W8

Women’s 8                                          M7/W9

Women’s 9                                          M8/W10

Women’s 10                                        M9/W11

Women’s 11                                        M10/W12

Women’s 12                                        M10/W12


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