New! JELLYBUGS® for Kids - Blue/Yellow

$ 26.95


 Hawaiian Jellys Child Size Chart:                        US Child Size Chart

Child S                                     =                      Child's 5-7 (foot inches up to 5 1/2")

Child M                                     =                      Child's 7-9 (foot inches up to 6")

Child L                                      =                      Child's 9-10(foot inches up to 6.5")

Child XL                                    =                      Child's 10-12 (foot inches up to 7")

Blue/Yellow (includes 10 free Turtle magnetic JELLYBUGS® for front of sandal)

Brand New! ! Jelly Bugs included - Attach to middle Top of the Vamp (with hidden magnets)

Parents: Magnetic JELLYBUGS® (good for little feet) move with kids as they grow!!  When your kids grow out of JELLYBUGS® Sandals they will grow right into our Original Hawaiian Jellys Slip...aaahs and now can easily attach their magnetic JELLYBUGS® collections to them as well!!

For years people have been writing to us and asking if our Hawaiian Jellys Slip…aaahs™ design for sandals could be made for kids.   Well yes...and we finally did it!  

Our new beautiful Hawaiian Jellys - JELLYBUGS® for kids, couples the benefits of:

  • arch support
  • reduced foot drift
  • soft ride sandals with toe bumpers and heel strap
  • A hidden rare earth neodymium magnet in the top, both to add the benefits touted by magnets for centuries and allows kids to “stick” on any one of the free collection of magnetic JELLYBUGS® included with every pair!!!

Along with all of the benefits, Hawaiian Jellys  JELLYBUGS® have become known worldwide but with fun added in!  Your kids will love wearing them everyday  knowing they are getting all of the benefits afforded by Hawaiian Jellys orthotic design…a true win/win! 

Get your kids a pair today…you know you want to!…before we run out! 

Available in Blue/Yellow, Black/Blue and Blue/Pink (for your princess) in Child's Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large at only $26.95/pr. 

Also coming...collections of beautiful limited edition magnetic JELLYBUGS®