Original slip...aaahs - A'a Brown Lava

$ 48.95

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A’a Pronounced “ah-ah”, is a basaltic lava that doesn’t flow very quickly. It looks like a slowly moving mass of hot jello, with cooler, rough surface. Once it hardens, the sharp spiny surface of a’a lava is extremely difficult to walk across. These types of lava erupt at temperatures above 1000 to 1100 °C. We hope you enjoy your A’a colored Hawaiian Jells slip…aaahs!™

 How do I know what size to order?

Our slip-aaahs are unisex sized and offered in whole sizes with one standard width per size. “M” refers to the Mens sizes; “W” refers to the Womens sizes.  If you normally wear a Mens 7/Womens 9 or smaller, we recommend you order up a size as our sizing tends to run smaller within this smaller range.  If you wear a half size, we recommend trying the next whole size up. 

Men’s Sizing:
Your “everyday” shoe size              Hawaiian Jellys Slip…aaah size                                            
          Men’s 3                                               M4/W6
          Men’s 4                                               M5/W7
          Men’s 5                                               M6/W8
          Men’s 6                                               M7/W9
          Men’s 7                                               M8/W10
          Men’s 8                                               M9/W11
          Men’s 9                                               M10/W12
          Men’s 10                                             M10/W12
          Men’s 11                                             M11
          Men’s 12                                             M12
          Men’s 13                                             M13
          Men’s 14                                             M14
Women’s Sizing:
Your “everyday” shoe size           Hawaiian Jellys Slip…aaah size                                                                                                                                                  
Women’s 5                                          M4/W6
Women’s 6                                          M5/W7
Women’s 7                                          M6/W8
Women’s 8                                          M7/W9
Women’s 9                                          M8/W10
Women’s 10                                        M9/W11
Women’s 11                                        M10/W12
Women’s 12                                        M10/W12