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 According to the American Podiatric Medical Association (AMPA) wearing slippers is associated with many painful health problems, including plantar fascitis and bursitis (breaking down of the arch), shin pain, knee pain, lower back pain, neck pain and heel spurs. Years of research has led to the creation of a new, state of the art type of slipper...Hawaiian Jellys™, designed specifically to be the most comfortable slippers you will ever wear. Hawaiian Jellys™ combines advanced orthotics with super soft, compartmented silicon jelly and an air heel to give you a Slip...aaahswith state of the art heel cushioning and an end to heel drift, foot wells to hold you in, stabilization, shock absorption and arch support.

Hawaiian Jellys has developed a highly innovative, multi-layer, multi-material orthotic design for all types of footwear that is revolutionizing the industry.  People are becoming more and more interested in footwear that is ultra-comfortable while affording the protections, safeguards and correct foot development/alignment of Hawaiian Jellys orthotics as well as pure comfort. Currently Hawaiian Jellys has a patent pending on its "Convertible Slip...aaahs™" and intends to place a number of new patents around several more innovative designs in the near future.

Hawaiian Jellys "Convertible" Slip...aaahs

Our original Slip...aaahs™ with newly patented technology using an advanced neodymium magnetic system to adhere a season-extending top to our Slip...aaahs™.

Our Slip...aaahs™ (as they are called in Hawaii) have the following technological and comfort advances:

  • Specialized heel and foot "wells" to stop drift and create a stable base.
  • Advanced "Orthotic" arch support.
  • "Perfect comfort" super soft insole.
  • Advanced silicone jelly inserts.
  • Special Ultra-Traction Sole.
  • Toe bumper to stop "toe stubbing."
  • Thick strap for less movement and more comfort.
  • Hidden rare-earth neodymium magnets.
  • Multiple Hawaiian indigenous Fruit Colors"HJ" branding.
  • Toppers, magnetically adhered season extending top to traditional sandals.

Toppers are an ingenious original concept that adds a "top" to our Slip...aaahs™ sandals that is easy on/easy off allowing a comfortable indoor or outdoor amalgamated slip..in and slip..on.  They are connected by magnets and a front clip system.  These can be made in a wide variety of materials, colors, logos, themes, holidays etc. We have a patent pending on the entire system.

Hawaiian Jellys JELLYBUGS® Sandals for kids and " JELLYBUGS®


  • Children's designed footwear to support a correct posture and arch while being fun and collectible.
  • New advanced design includes a variety of "JELLYBUGS® Collections" that adhere to the slipper vamp via hidden rare earth magnets.
  • Collections for the future include:
    • Realistic Bugs and Fun Bugs (such as Happy Faced Spider and Rhinoceros Beetle)
    • Global Sea life Collection (such as Starfish and Sea Horse)
    • Flower Collection (such as Plumeria and Bird of Paradise Flowers)
    • Jewel Collection (such as Ruby, Emerald, Blue Sapphire)
    • Reptile Collection (such as Chameleon Lizard and the Poison Dart Frog)
  • As the child grows they will be able to simply purchase the next size up and bring the JELLYBUGS® collection along for the ride! 

Hawaiian Jellys Ultra-Comfort Suede Leather Sandals

  • High end suede leather version of our flagship product with a wider vamp and soft suede over memory foam then over multiple layers of EVA.

Hawaiian Jellys Ultra-Comfort High Heels with Stabilization System

Uses our patented multi-layer design innovations and materials to create the world's first comfortable high heel shoes along with our new "Stabilization System" creating a first in high heels.

Please read more updates under NEWS page.

You will truly enjoy wearing Hawaiian Jellys Slip...aaahs™!


Penelope Andros:

*****Thank you SO MUCH!    You cannot believe how hard it is for me to find shoes that fit my feet.  I have a fixed deformity in my right foot that makes it almost impossible for me to find any shoes that I can wear.  My arch is fallen and I have a bone sticking out on the left side so I have to wear flip flops almost exclusively.  Then, I have another problem.  I have neuropathy in the bottom of my feet (or other doctors have told me that it might actually be some type of nerve damage) and it prevents me from walking barefoot. With your flip flops, Hawaiian Jellys, they provide JUST WHAT I NEED!   They are soft enough for the bottom/soles of my feet, yet, they also provide enough support that I don’t fall off of them.  The possibility of a fall could obviously be very dangerous for me.  I am 63 years old and if I fall - - oh my! - - I could end up breaking my hip, or worse.  Although I am 63, I am not entirely an invalid, nor do I wish to be.  I still feel very strong otherwise and would like to have the rest of my life be active and happy.   This can be accomplished with your Hawaiian Jellys.  You make a fantastic product and frankly, it has saved my life.  Can you imagine a person at only 63 having to end up in a wheelchair because I can’t find a pair of shoes?   This is absolutely more than I can bear to think about.  By having the Hawaiian Jellys, I am at least able to walk like a normal human being and enjoy my life. 
Joy Sommer:
*****I want to start by saying I have 3 pairs of hawaiian jelly sandals, and LOVE them. I have plantar fasciitis, and they're the only flat sandals I can wear that don't hurt my feet. Thank you! I appreciate that so much. I love my jellies & tell everyone, especially those with foot issues, how comfortable they are & how they don't hurt your feet. Thank you, 
***** HJ's are the BEST. (I know I sound like I must have stock in your company or something, but I really truly just like my jellys that much.) I will try ANYTHING because I love these things so much. (Everyone who knows me knows I wear them everywhere, even when it's cold out. . .)All Good Things,  
*****Your sandals are the only thing I wear in the house since they arrived, they seem to alleviate so many problems. Figure out how to put them into shoes I can wear everyday for work with stockings.
*****I ADORE my jellies and I am matching outfits to the exciting colors. Thank you.
Mary Ann
*****I purchased a pair of Hawaiian Jellys several years ago, and have enjoyed them "to pieces." The Jellys are very comfortable for my feet to wear, which are slightly misshapen from arthritis, and I think they would also be comfortable for my daughter's wide and extremely sensitive feet.