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 According to the American Podiatric Medical Association (AMPA) wearing slippers is associated with many painful health problems, including plantar fascitis and bursitis (breaking down of the arch), shin pain, knee pain, lower back pain, neck pain and heel spurs. Years of research has led to the creation of a new, state of the art type of slipper...Hawaiian Jellys™, designed specifically to be the most comfortable slippers you will ever wear. Hawaiian Jellys™ combines advanced orthotics with super soft, compartmented silicon jelly and an air heel to give you a Slip...aaahswith state of the art heel cushioning and an end to heel drift, foot wells to hold you in, stabilization, shock absorption and arch support.

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You will truly enjoy wearing Hawaiian Jellys Slip...aaahs™!

Recent Testimonials:

  • Hi! I received one of your recent email about the Foot Pain? Hawaiian Jelly’s Newly Patented Convertible Sandals. I bought a pair and just wanted to let you know it fixed my right heel problem. I Had a bone spur from running over the years and when I bought my new home it has tile floors throughout and from walking around barefoot my Right heel became so sore and painful I went to a podiatrist and they gave me a Shot in my foot and to be honest it hurt like hell and made my foot sorer. Was thinking I was going to have foot surgery but decided to Buy a new pair of your convertible Black sandals and started wearing them in my home. After a few months, it solved my heel problem 100% with no issues.  I can honestly say Hawaiian Jelly’s sandals was a life saver and I highly recommend and stand behind your product if others have similar issues with their feet.  Thank you again. Stephen
  •  I want to start by saying I have 3 pairs of hawaiian jelly sandals, and LOVE them. I have plantar fasciitis, and they're the only flat sandals I can wear that don't hurt my feet. Thank you! I appreciate that so much. I love my jellies & tell everyone, especially those with foot issues, how comfortable they are & how they don't hurt your feet. Thank you,  Joy Sommer
  •  HJ's are the BEST. (I know I sound like I must have stock in your company or something, but I really truly just like my jellys that much.) I will try ANYTHING because I love these things so much. (Everyone who knows me knows I wear them everywhere, even when it's cold out. . .)All Good Things,  Maya