Black Lava Suede"Convertible" with Neodymium Magnets and removable Topper! NOW AVAILABLE!!

$ 84.95


Go topless! or pop on your topper™ in style and ultra-comfort with the new “Rolls Royce” all suede leather version of our original world famous Hawaiian Jellys Slip…aaahs.™ Super wide ultra-comfort vamp along with all of the other great benefits

Hawaiian Jellys have gained global recognition for such as our orthopedic surgeon recommended highly advanced orthotic design, heel air system, soft multi-layer EVA, perfect arch support, toe bumper, foot well stop drift system, suede toe separator and under your foot nothing but sweet soft suede leather…and now introducing our super soft suede leather topper™ and included for free!!

Wear them topless in ultra comfort or…for those colder mornings at home simply pop on the new Hawaiian Jellys Topper™, an advanced neodymium hidden magnet system (with all the great benefits of magnets) within a free matching ultra-soft suede leather Hawaiian Jellys Topper™ that simply magnetizes itself to the suede topped slip…aaah™ .

Hard to improve the world famous HJ original ultra-comfort Hawaiian Jellys slip…aaahs™ but we did it! As always, you will never want to take them off.

Available in sleek Black Suede Leather and beautiful Kona Coffee Suede Leather. Only $84.95 with free suede leather Topper™ and free shipping!

Get yours today (before we run out!)

Men’s Sizing:

Your “everyday” shoe size              Hawaiian Jellys Slip…aaah size                                            
          Men’s 3                                               M4/W6
          Men’s 4                                               M5/W7
          Men’s 5                                               M6/W8
          Men’s 6                                               M7/W9
          Men’s 7                                               M8/W10
          Men’s 8                                               M9/W11
          Men’s 9                                               M10/W12
          Men’s 10                                             M10/W12
          Men’s 11                                             M11
          Men’s 12                                             M12
          Men’s 13                                             M13
          Men’s 14                                             M14
Women’s Sizing:
Your “everyday” shoe size           Hawaiian Jellys Slip…aaah size                                                                                                                                                  
Women’s 5                                          M4/W6
Women’s 6                                          M5/W7
Women’s 7                                          M6/W8
Women’s 8                                          M7/W9
Women’s 9                                          M8/W10
Women’s 10                                        M9/W11
Women’s 11                                        M10/W12
Women’s 12                                        M10/W12