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Hang Loose Hawaiian Jellys! You Rock! October 01 2013, 0 Comments

I am wearing my Hawaiian Jellys Slip…aaahs, as I have done for months. By this time my usual rubber slippers would have depressed and worn out. I'd be feeling the rocks and or, getting my heel dirty because they are made of such lightweight material. I own some more rigid slippers, too, but they are not designed for the anatomy of a foot, so are like wearing a stiff piece of board on my feet. I received a pair of Slip…aaaahs as a gift and my friends are all raving about them in jealousy! These are a great gift and lighten my step in comfort and their beautiful color combinations! Mahalo for creating great Slip...aaahs!
- April L.

I just had the most pleasant experience with Hawaiian Jelly's customer service department! On my original order, I had ordered one size too small and needed to request a return for a larger size. I first sent an email to customer service outlining the issue and was really surprised by the almost immediate (same day) response that I received from an Aloha Crew (great name, by the way!) customer service member at their main facility in Hawaii.

The Aloha Crew member was not only extremely friendly, but she walked me through the entire process and made sure that I had no worries at all. It was truly BMW level customer support. I wish to give your Aloha Crew 5 stars and major Kudos to the entire team at Hawaiian Jellys. And yes, my new Slip…aaahs fit perfectly and are awesome!
Hang Loose Hawaiian Jellys! You Rock!

- Lee P. 

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