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Thank you so much for making this shoe - - - it is an absolute life saver!! May 07 2016, 0 Comments

Date: 5/7/2016 8:53:07 A.M. Mountain Daylight Time From: PenelopeAndros@twc.com To: customerservice@hawaiianjellys.com

Thank you SO MUCH! You cannot believe how hard it is for me to find shoes that fit my feet. I have a fixed deformity in my right foot that makes it almost impossible for me to find any shoes that I can wear. My arch is fallen and I have a bone sticking out on the left side so I have to wear flip flops almost exclusively. Then, I have another problem. I have neuropathy in the bottom of my feet (or other doctors have told me that it might actually be some type of nerve damage) and it prevents me from walking barefoot. Therefore, I have to find a shoe that is very, very soft on the bottom of my feet. However, when I wear something like the Oosfos (do you know of them? - they have a very soft Flip Flop, however, it doesn’t provide any type of support at all). Therefore, when I wear them, I actually sort of slide to the right and to the left, causing me to have no balance at all. With your flip flops, Hawaiian Jellys, they provide JUST WHAT I NEED! They are soft enough for the bottom/soles of my feet, yet, they also provide enough support that I don’t fall off of them.

The possibility of a fall could obviously be very dangerous for me. I am 63 years old and if I fall - - oh my! - - I could end up breaking my hip, or worse. Although I am 63, I am not entirely an invalid, nor do I wish to be. I still feel very strong otherwise and would like to have the rest of my life be active and happy. This can be accomplished with your Hawaiian Jellys. I can wear a size 10 or a size 11. Actually, the size 10 is better, since the 11 is just a little too big however, either would suffice. Its rather strange because since I have the deformity in my right foot, I often have to get a shoe on the right that is 1 size larger than the left foot. However, with your flip flops, I have been able to wear a size 10 on both feet. I don’t care about the color since I am so desperate at this point.

By the way, I did not see any of your flip flops on that SHOEBUY site. I put in “Hawaiian Jellys” and it responded that it could not be found. I would like to tell you that I would be so please to be a reference for your shoes at any time and in any way. I would be happy to do a video for your website, or to write some type of referral or letter or anything to help out your marketing. You make a fantastic product and frankly, it has saved my life. Can you imagine a person at only 63 having to end up in a wheelchair because I can’t find a pair of shoes? This is absolutely more than I can bear to think about. By having the Hawaiian Jellys, I am at least able to walk like a normal human being and enjoy my life.

Thank you so much for making this shoe - - - it is an absolute life saver!! Please let me know what you find out. Again, I need a female 10 or 11 (by the way, I guess I could take a male version if there is any difference).

Thanks again for writing back to me and being so kind as to help me in my bad situation.

Sincerely and best regards,

Penny Andros

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