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Hawaiian Jellys the world leader in affordable fun/fit footwear now on "As Seen On TV" with the Original Shark from Shark Tank! June 16 2018

Hawaiian Jellys, the world leader in affordable fun/fit footwear is now on AS SEEN ON TV with Shark Tank's Kevin Harrington.

Thank you to our thousands of happy customers for writing in with countless testimonials and telling everyone they know that our products help people at affordable prices.

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*****THEY SUPPORT YOUR ARCH AND HEEL (IN CASE YOU SUFFER FROM PLANTAR FASCIITIS OR HEEL SPURS) WHILE STILL PROVIDING A GENTLE, SMOOTH "SQUISHINESS" THAT YOUR FEET WILL FALL IN LOVE WITH. MY FAMILY THINKS I'M NUTS SINCE I OWN SO MANY HAWAIIAN JELLYS. By the way, I have no connection at all to Hawaiian Jellys - I don't work for them and I'm not related to them in any way. My testimonials are completely unsolicited and unpaid. If you have any questions about this product, I would be happy to personally tell you how great they are!! penelopeandros@twc.com

***** I highly recommended these shoes to anyone with back issues, I owned a pair of these before they lasted me 5yrs before I had to order new ones! Jennifer 

*****I want to start by saying I have 3 pairs of hawaiian jelly sandals, and LOVE them. I have plantar fasciitis, and they're the only flat sandals I can wear that don't hurt my feet. Joy

“Hawaiian Jellys are a great alternative for my patients suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, retrocaneal bursitis, metatarsalgia, or periostitis of the heel.”

Dr. Harvey Karpo M.D. (World-Renown Orthopedic Surgeon)

*****Was thinking I was going to have foot surgery but decided to Buy a new pair of your convertible Black sandals and started wearing them in my home. After a few months, it solved my heel problem 100% with no issues. I can honestly say Hawaiian Jelly’s sandals was a life saver and I highly recommend and stand behind your product if others have similar issues with their feet. Thank you again. Stephen Sabo

Hawaiian Jellys "Life is Lived By The Steps We Take" 

Aloha Crew