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Hawaiian Jellys' Cocktail of the November: Hula Girl Cocktail November 05 2013

hula girl cocktailOne of the most endearing memories of staying at any tropical beach resort like Hawaii is sipping an exotic cocktail while looking out at the beach. These tasty cocktails have become so popular among tourists and locals alike at these destinations, it’s no wonder that entrepreneurs jumped on the idea of packaging these cocktails and dispersing them across the world. Now you don't just have to be at the beach to enjoy a fruity concoction.

The idea for Hula Girl Cocktails was forged on a pleasant day in Maui. The creators of the drink stopped by a local bar and grill calls Mama's Fish House. Upon tasting the tropical cocktails available on the menu, the restaurant proprietors and the entrepreneurs decided to enter in a business venture together to sell the drinks across the world. It has been five years since that fateful encounter, and Hula Girl Cocktails has even caught the attention of one of Hawaii's premier flip flop vendors.

Hula Girl Cocktails provides five island flavors to choose from:

  • Bikini Bling – A rum cocktail mixed with coconut and pineapples. The drink will have you rushing to get into your swimsuit regardless of the temperature outside.
  • Moonlight Mai Tai – A rum cocktail mixed with a variety of fruits found across Hawaii. Why not complete your night out on the town with a cocktail of that combines the best of the Aloha state? The Mai Tai is a classic Polynesian cocktail enjoyed in the Pacific.
  • Wild Whine – A rum cocktail mixed with melons and pineapples. Mixed with vibrant fruits with exquisite tastes, the wild whine is the daytime counterpart to the Moonlight Mai Tai.
  • Sunset Sensations – A rum cocktail mixed with some coconut and peaches. Who can forget the unforgettable sunsets in Hawaii? The Hula Girl Cocktail team tried their best to translate that image into a taste, and they did an excellent job.
  • Sex In A Bottle – A cocktail made with limes and peaches, along with a special ingredient. The name speaks for itself, you'll want to share this one with that special someone.

Ultimately, these cocktails are best enjoyed when you're on that romantic beach weekend, but that doesn't necessarily mean you can't enjoy them elsewhere. Even a flashback of summertime bliss on an island getaway can be just as wonderful as actually being there, and these cocktails accomplish just that.

If you have any desire to become a tropical cocktail connoisseur, or at least are looking for a good reminder of that seaside voyage you intend to take in the coming months, then look no further than Hula Girl Cocktails. They will be sure to make you feel like you're wearing your Hawaiian sandals embracing the sea breeze, and who doesn't want to have that sensation again? Go explore the tropical flavors today! Which Hula Girl Cocktail is your favorite?