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HJs Customer Wins Big in Molakai 2 Oahu Paddleboard World Championship October 28 2013

hawaiian jellys 3rd placeHawaiian Jellies is a proud sponsor of water sports. We offer comfortable flip flops for just about anybody looking to relax their feet after an intense swim. We’re proud to share the countless stories we receive on our website every week with our Hawaiian Jellys’ Ohana. Many of these stories are vacationers that come to Hawaii to experience the culture, lifestyle and relax on our beautiful island. Other stories are related to competitions, including surfing, SUP competitions and triathlons. This story that we wish to share comes from Sturat Murry. Stuart , an Australian local who just won third place in the Molakai 2 Oahu Paddleboard World Championship, had this to say about our Hawaiian Jellys:

"Hard to describe the last 8 months training for 2013 Molokai to Oahu, hard to put it into words. Getting to the start line is amazing itself. Taking third on my first go is really unexpected and a pleasant surprise. A big shout out to Hawaiian Jelly believing in me - it helped out there. It’s a big place and I felt respect for that channel. Respect. Follow your zen, inspire someone, put out a hand, be peaceful in the storm. Dare to Believe. SupExplore.”

Hawaiian Jellys would like to thank Stuart for sharing such an amazing story with us. And a huge congratulations to Stuart for coming in third place! We remind all of our followers and Ohana to enjoy life! And while you’re enjoying life, stay well equipped with Island inspired apparel for Men, Women and The Kids. Shop around our website at www.HawaiianJellys.com and as our good friend, Stuart said, “Follow your zen!”

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