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Hawaiian Jellys Hawaiian Flip Flops, or Slip…aaahs, Go Worldwide. September 16 2013

hawaiian jelliesHawaiian Jellys had the great honor of being showcased in the Hawaiian Tribune Herald for a company on the move. Bryan McCormack, Hawaiian Jellys spokesperson, provided excellent information on our Men’s flip flop and Women’s flip flop line of Slip…aaahs. The article gives a great backstory on our Slip…aaahs and our company. We’re excited to announce publicly that we have a very solid partnership with Amazon.com to handle the booming demand for the comfortable and health-conscious slippers sold in bright combinations of Hawaiian fruit colors, like Dragon Fruit and Mango, with silicone jelly inserts and air bags. State-of-the-art innovation and fun colors are just two of the reasons why you need to try on a pair of the world's most comfortable flip flop: the Slip…aaah.

The article also featured our new swimsuits and hats for women. In early September, we launched a full line of one piece, lace bikini and string bikini swimwear. Keeping up with our colorful theme, we incorporated the same Hawaiian inspired colors of our Slip…aaahs. You'll feel right at home with these awe inspiring colors! To complete the beach outfit, we also introduced a full line of hats. Each one of our hats also brings a little Hawaiian inspiration: the beautiful colors of the island!

We're grateful for this opportunity that the Hawaiian Tribune Herald gave to our Ohana. Please read the full article here: http://hawaiitribune-herald.com/sections/news/local-news/hawaiian-jellys-go-worldwide.html. And if you'd like to take one step closer to paradise, please browse our Island inspired products and like us on Facebook for products discounts, specials and lifestyle perspectives.

Hawaiian Jellys loves hearing from our Ohana! Please reach out to us at customerservice@HawaiianJellys.com for any questions, feedback or product information. And if you're looking for Island inspired apparel, please browse our collection of Men's, Women's and The Kids at www.HawaiianJellys.com.