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August 2013 Press Release August 23 2013

Hawaiian Jellys, a Kona, Hawaii-based Hawaiian island wear company started in 2011, has released the world’s first flip-flop sandal with new state-of-the art technologies. “Our ‘slip…aaahs’ are exploding globally now as the world’s most comfortable flip flop sandal,” said company spokesperson Bryan McCormack. “In addition to providing comfort and fashion, Hawaiian Jellys are a true revolution for foot health problem sufferers.” Hawaiian Jellys are crafted with state-of-the art technology providing superior arch support, extremely comfortable silicone jelly, super soft suede between the toes and advanced heel air technology. The slippers, as they are called in Hawaii are designed with fun, Hawaiian inspired colors to bring an innovative, comfortable, and potentially pain-eliminating option to a multi-billion dollar industry. “We see local people here in Hawaii barely able to walk as their feet have pronated inward after years of no arch, causing them to support all of their weight on the inside of their feet, and soles with no help from heel and front of the foot drift” said McCormack. “We’ve created a way for people everywhere to enjoy island fashion and comfort while helping to maintain optimal foot health.” Slip…aaahs also bring the feeling of our Hawaiian paradise to people around the world with a variety of Hawaiian fruit and localized colors. Dragon fruit slip…aaahs have the same pink and green of an actual dragon fruit. The bright reddish orange and black colors of Kilauea Volcano color takes its name from one of the most active volcanos in the world and many others mimic the colors of various Hawaiian Fruits and other local features. A line of one-piece and bikini swimsuits for women will launch within a few days along with matching beach hats, beach bags and sarongs and is soon to be followed by board shorts for men, and their own sunglass line. In the future, Hawaiian Jellys plans to launch luxurious, island-inspired clothing for men, women and children. As part of their island-inspired clothing, Hawaiian Jellys will also introduce a line of leisure silk shirts showcasing artwork by world-famous Hawaii artist Calley O’Neill. “We use the very highest quality material and workmanship available in every case. Because we eliminate the middle man and manufacture every product we sell ourselves, we are able to maintain competitive price points whether online or in stores nationwide or worldwide,” said McCormack. “Hawaiian Jellys is bringing fun, comfort and quality to the flip-flop industry. Try on a pair of slip…aaahs for yourself, feel the “aaah” and you’ll be one step closer to paradise!”

About Hawaiian Jellys

Founded in 2011, Hawaiian Jellys is home of the world’s only slip…aaahs and other paradise-inspired apparel based in Kona, Hawaii. The company outfits men, women and children in Hawaii-inspired colors and themes. Hawaiian Jellys currently has its first store on the Big Island of Hawaii in Kamuela and plans to open seven more across the other islands during the coming year. Please visit www.HawaiianJellys.com to view their products and for more information. For press or other inquires contact: Bryan McCormack, (808) 339-0800, info@hawaiianjellys.com