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The story behind the colors of our Slip…aaahs™: A’a Brown Lava July 22 2013

A'A brown lavaThere are a total of 3 active volcanoes on the Hawaiian Islands. However, Hawaii is also surrounded by hundreds of volcanoes below the surface of the ocean. Visitors and natives alike are always taking tours of these majestic volcanoes. In fact Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is Hawaii’s #1 visitor attraction. Visitors come to this park to witness the power and to learn more about the beauty of volcanoes. Since there is a ton of interest in volcanoes, we decided to name one of the world’s only Slip…aaahs A’a Brown Lava. A’a Pronounced “ah-ah”, is a basaltic lava that doesn’t flow very quickly. It looks like a slowly moving mass of hot Jell-O, with cooler, rough surface. Once it hardens, the sharp spiny surface of a’a lava is extremely difficult to walk across. These types of lava erupt at temperatures above 1,000 to 1,100 %C. Our decision to name one of our Slip…aaahs after such a powerful and majestic Hawaiian Island landmark was easy. We take a look at our island paradise every day and see so much inspiration. It’s the reason why we name all of our products after Hawaiian trademarks.

Hawaiian Jellys is lucky to be around so much inspiration on Hawaii. Please share your inspiring stories with us at customerservice@hawaiianjellys.com and we may feature you in a story on our blog. Or you can browse our Slip…aaahs for men, women and the kids.