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Kimberly Gomez: Making Her Own Tracks June 26 2013

stand up paddling

We are grateful to get to meet so many of our wonderful customers throughout the world, either in person or through emails. We also welcome the opportunity to share our customers’ feedback and stories of our island apparel. This blog is dedicated to those that send us photos of our footwear, apparel and accessories in action. We enjoy it so much that we made it a title on our blog site: Making Your Own Tracks. Our story this month comes from Jay Gomez from Santa Cruz, CA. He sent us a photo of his wife, Kimberly, on the awards podium at a big SUP event in Lake Tahoe in June wearing a pair of Slip...aaahs – congratulations on 2nd place, Kimberly!

Jay says that Kimberly loves wearing her pair of Hawaiian Slip…aaahs after a long day of paddleboard surfing. He also mentions that we have an awesome product and that they both are happy to support Hawaiian Jellys. Thank you so much for the comments, Jay and Kimberly! We are happy to have been with you during your celebration and look forward to your success and hope you share your stories with us.

We're thankful for Jay's comments of, "You have an awesome product, and we are happy to support it. Huge Mahalo!" Thank you very much, Jay. And we are very happy that we could be help make Kimberly a little more comfortable on the podium in a pair of the world’s only Slip…aaahs!