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Coming Soon!!! June 13 2016


Hawaiian Jellys introduces...

The Convertible Slip...aaah!!

Now with Hawaiian Jellys Convertible Slip…aaahs you can choose to keep your top on….or go topless with our limited edition

"Election 2016"



Keep your toes warm or set them free with our advanced neodymium magnetic system free convertible topper and easy on easy off system.

Top on or topless... your choice!


 In addition to its flagship product, Hawaiian Jellys is in the process of filing several new and innovative footwear patents that will begin to hit the market as new product lines in Summer 2016. This will include a children’s line of Fun/Fit flip flops called 


which, while helping young feet grow and form correctly, also are an extremely attractive and fun product for kids.  A hidden magnet is in the center of the vamp which allows kids to magnetically adhere an entire line of fun, collectible characters to the front of their sandals. 



Our current manufacturing will include several "JELLYBUGS® Collections" including;

  • The Hawaiian Collection: Butterfly, Happy Faced Spider, Chameleon etc.
  • The Sea Collection: Starfish, Sea-Horse, Orange-Striped Fish
  • The Flower Collection: Plumeria, Bird of Paradise
  • The Jewels Collection (also for girls and women):  Ruby, Blue Sapphire, Emerald

The future also holds many possibilities such as: Bugs from Borneo, Bugs from Africa, and Bugs from Australia etc. Our plan is to get parents to realize the benefits of proper foot alignment while growing.

Hawaiian Jellys Full Leather Sandals:   High end suede leather version of our flagship product.

Hawaiian Jellys Super-Comfort High Heel Dress Shoes!


 Ultra-Comfort Walking Shoes