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Our Products May 09 2016

Hawaiian Jellys is a rapidly-growing branded consumer products company. The Company’s flagship product is a high-quality, attractively-priced, ultra-comfortable, orthotic sandal trademarked as the "Slip...aaahs™ "for leisure activities and/or for everyday use. Historically, most sandal designs exacerbate foot, back and knee related problems. Hawaiian Jellys’ design addresses these problems through a series of design innovations in the heel, arch and forefoot.

Through these innovations, consumers can wear sandals over an extended period of time. By coupling this unique product design with a brand synonymous with a Hawaiian lifestyle, the brand has generated consumer and retailer interest both domestically and internationally. Moreover, the “Hawaiian lifestyle” is also reflected in HJEL’s product colors



that are indigenous to the area and the unique color combinations have generated a great deal of interest by consumers that are seeking flip flops that are neither black or brown.

Since inception, the Company has generated substantial momentum by creating a line of high-quality health conscious flip flops sold at an attractive price point. The substantial momentum created by HJEL’s line of flip flops is driven by its success in addressing an array of design flaws inherent in other flip flop and sandal alternatives.

Further, the company has now applied for patents to cover several new and highly innovative designs based on the Slip...aaahs™.