Why Hawaiian Jellys Compared to Other Brands! April 22 2017

There will always be strong competition from major shoe manufacturers such as NIKE, Adidas, CROCS and others however, we have found a disconnect between what local consumers want and what is being manufactured by groups not connected with Hawaii or some other area that wear sandals year round.  Our newest design is a far cry above any other sandal on the market with the inclusion of our new Pop-toppers extending wearable time and creating the world's first orthotic sandal to be worn out or at home. By using our innovative designs and material combinations, we have also created several new types of footwear that address problems associated with Children's Sandals (and soon to be shoes), High Heels and everyday Walking shoes.

Hawaiian Jellys Comparison Chart


  1. Advanced Orthotics Arch Support
  2. Long Lasting Traction Outsole for Less Slip
  3. State of the Art Air Heel Cushioning
  4. Perfect Comfort EVA creates the Ultimate “I’m walking on air” ride
  5. Toe Bumper (no more stubbed toes)
  6. Soft Suede Leather Toe Separator
  7. Hidden Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets (benefits of magnetics)
  8. Suede Leather Topper also with hidden Rare-Earth Neodymium Magnets for those colder evenings on the beach or anywhere
  9. Footwell helps stop “Foot Drift” and uneven wearing/walking
  10. Multi-Layer Design
  11. New! Super Soft 'Non-Slip' Jelly Inserts for that Ultimate Slip… feel

Hawaiian Jellys just added a host of highly innovative new products including; (Available on Amazon or directly on the Hawaiian Jellys website where you can see the “Why Hawaiian Jellys” arrow charts for each.)

  • Ultra-Comfort High Heels for Women with a dizzying myriad of innovations to finally make high heels comfortable (and not bad for you) including a state of the art “stabilization” system to help slow the side twisting high heels.
  • JELLYBUGS® for Kids with a hidden neodymium magnet and magnetic JELLYBUGS® starter collection included.
  • And the newly patented magnetic “Toppers” that come free with every pair (whether original or the new suede leather) and magnetically attach to a system of neodymium magnets hidden within every pair extending the usability factor of sandals and flip-flops into the colder seasons or to simply warm up your toes.

Hawaiian Jellys Convertible! March 23 2017

Topless or Top On Sandals w/ Free Magnetic Topper!

Hawaiian Jellys NEW Arrivals!! March 12 2017


 Aloha!™, the world leader in state of the art Ultra-Comfort (while being good for you) Slip…aaahs™ has done it again! 

 Now you can Go Topless or not!  Your choice, with our new patent pending Topper (Free with every pair!!) Wear them in ultra-comfort as always or…for those colder mornings at home simply pop on the new Hawaiian Jellys™ Topper, an advanced neodymium hidden magnet system (with all the great benefits of magnets) within the ultra-soft Hawaiian Jellys™ Topper™ that simply magnetizes to magnets also now in our new original slip…aaahs!! 

Beautiful colors currently available: Patriotic (Red, White and Blue), Black Lava, Dragon Fruit, Kona Coffee, Lychee, Avocadoonly $46.95 including our free matching Topper!!  (available for pre-order now ships Early Summer!)

Also…Available NOW Totally NEW Hawaiian Jellys™ Ultra-Comfort Designs:

NEW! Hawaiian Jellys™ Ultra-Comfort Suede Leather “Rolls Royce” Slip…aaahs also with hidden neodymium magnets and free suede leather Topper™.  Black or Kona Coffee Only $84.95

NEW! Hawaiian Jellys™ JELLYBUGS®for Kids!!  

For years people have been writing to us and asking if our world famous orthopedic surgeon recommended Hawaiian Jellys™ Slip…aaahs design for sandals could be made for kids.  Well yes...and we finally did it!  Our new beautiful Hawaiian Jellys™ JELLYBUGS®for kids, couples the benefits of wearing orthotically designed and orthopedic surgeon recommended, arch supporting, reduced foot drift, soft ride sandals with toe bumpers and heel strap along with all of the benefits Hawaiian Jellys™ have become known for worldwide but with fun added in!  A hidden rare earth neodymium magnet in the top, both to add the benefits touted by magnets for centuries and to allow kids to “stick” on any one of the free collection of magnetic JELLYBUGS®included with every pair!!!  Your kids will love wearing them everyday and you will love knowing they are getting all of the benefits afforded by Hawaiian Jellys™ orthotic design…a true win/win! 

Get your kids a pair today…you know you want to!…before we run out!  Available in Blue/Yellow, Black/Blue and Blue/Pink (for your princess)  Get your kids a pair today…you know you want to!…before we run out!  Childs Small, Medium, Large and Ex/Large at only $29.95/pr.* 

New! Hawaiian Jellys™ Ultra-Comfort Suede Leather High Heels w/Stabilization

Tired of High Heels that hurt your feet, ruin you posture, damage your ankles, knees, hips and back?  Hawaiian Jellys™, a world leader in orthotically designed, highly advanced, orthopedic surgeon recommended footwear has now invented a new type of high heel for women…introducing Hawaiian Jellys™ Ultra-Comfort Suede Leather High-Heels and our ground breaking w/Stabilization™ system.”  Benefits include a hidden softer angle (easier on the foot and yet maintaining all of the look of much higher heels), arch support, heel air system, advanced memory foam over a soft multi-layered ball of the foot design, beautiful double strap overlay, all super soft suede leather along with our newly designed and patent pending side twist stabilization™ system.  All of this together is sure to make you “feel” the difference!!  Try Hawaiian Jellys™ Ultra-Comfort High Heels today and you will never go back to uncomfortable heels again…besides we have them in the most beautiful all suede colors you have ever seen and at a truly great price!

Stunning: Emerald (green), Black, Brown, Ruby (red), Amethyst (purple) and Blue Sapphire.  ONLY $124.95

You never have to wear uncomfortable high heels again!!! Perfect for everyday comfort and…that Black Tie Event at Buckingham Palace. Get yours today (Hurry before we run out!) 

“A woman, reinvented and empowered from the ground up, style AND comfort with Hawaiian Jellys™ New Ultra-Comfort High Heels w/Stabilization™”

Aloha! And Mahalo for supporting our American Family Small Business! :)

Pololu Beach Hawi Hawaii March 11 2017



Coming Soon!!! June 13 2016


Hawaiian Jellys introduces...

The Convertible Slip...aaah!!

Now with Hawaiian Jellys Convertible Slip…aaahs you can choose to keep your top on….or go topless with our limited edition

"Election 2016"



Keep your toes warm or set them free with our advanced neodymium magnetic system free convertible topper and easy on easy off system.

Top on or topless... your choice!


 In addition to its flagship product, Hawaiian Jellys is in the process of filing several new and innovative footwear patents that will begin to hit the market as new product lines in Summer 2016. This will include a children’s line of Fun/Fit flip flops called 


which, while helping young feet grow and form correctly, also are an extremely attractive and fun product for kids.  A hidden magnet is in the center of the vamp which allows kids to magnetically adhere an entire line of fun, collectible characters to the front of their sandals. 



Our current manufacturing will include several "JELLYBUGS® Collections" including;

  • The Hawaiian Collection: Butterfly, Happy Faced Spider, Chameleon etc.
  • The Sea Collection: Starfish, Sea-Horse, Orange-Striped Fish
  • The Flower Collection: Plumeria, Bird of Paradise
  • The Jewels Collection (also for girls and women):  Ruby, Blue Sapphire, Emerald

The future also holds many possibilities such as: Bugs from Borneo, Bugs from Africa, and Bugs from Australia etc. Our plan is to get parents to realize the benefits of proper foot alignment while growing.

Hawaiian Jellys Full Leather Sandals:   High end suede leather version of our flagship product.

Hawaiian Jellys Super-Comfort High Heel Dress Shoes!


 Ultra-Comfort Walking Shoes