Spirit of Gift Giving December 04 2017

We at Hawaiian Jellys do our best to try and help others with our charitable contributions and give away Free sandals during Holidays but are saddened when some people take advantage and took more than what they should. We neglected to set up a limit and few people took 90 pairs, 20 pairs etc. leaving others with nothing. But it's also nice to know that most people are still honest and trustworthy and only took up to 2 pairs. In the end we are always happy to give joy and share the spirit of giving. 

We're sorry but the offer for the Free Jellybugs is now closed. December 01 2017

We're sorry but the offer for the Free Jellybugs is now closed. Most people took more than one and we ran out fast. We hope your kids enjoy the Jellybugs! Happy Holidays from all of us at Hawaiian Jellys!


Hawaiian Jellys is giving away FREE Jellybugs for kids for CHRISTMAS! Limited Supply! November 28 2017

Hawaiian Jellys would like to share our Gratitude for all the support we've received as a Small Family Owned Business in the last 6 years, by giving away FREE JELLYBUGS SANDALS FOR CHRISTMAS! We are happy and proud  to be a part of a humanitarian effort to help those in need with our donation of more than a thousand pair of Jellybugs Sandals to Soles4Souls - to help children who were devastated by the Hurricane in Puerto Rico.

Please get yours now and give your child a hug from all of us at Hawaiian Jellys!


See What Our Valued Customers are saying about Our NEW! Convertible Sandals! August 10 2017

Fri, 10 Nov 2017 19:13:29 +0000

I always send in testimonials about my foot problems and how Hawaiian Jellys are the only shoes I can wear and how they have absolutely saved my ability to walk. However, I always forget to tell everyone how COMFORTABLE they are. I have literally tried dozens of other flip flops and I can say absolutely, that Hawaiian Jellys are the most comfortable flip flops on the market today. Why? Well, I'm not exactly sure, but I do know that the foot "bed" on the Hawaiian Jellys is super soft without allowing the shoe to go flat. I need support and they provide it. The shoes give you the support you need, while providing a tremendous amount of softness. They support your arch and heel (in case you suffer from plantar faciatis or heel spurs) while still providing a gentle, smooth "squishiness" that your feet will fall in love with. My family thinks I'm nuts since I own so many Hawaiian Jellys, but the truth is, they are the best shoes ever made! And one more thing - - the company behind Hawaiian Jellys provides something that is almost nonexistent in today's retail world - customer service! Whatever you need, the company is johnny on the spot, helping you and answering your questions or concerns. By the way, I have no connection at all to Hawaiian Jellys - I don't work for them and I'm not related to them in any way. My testimonials are completed unsolicited and unpaid. If you have any questions about this product, I would be happy to personally tell you how great they are!! Penny Andros Email:

Hi! I received one of your recent email about the Foot Pain? Hawaiian Jelly’s Newly Patented Convertible Sandals. I bought a pair and just wanted to let you know it fixed my right heel problem. I Had a bone spur from running over the years and when I bought my new home it has tile floors throughout and from walking around barefoot my Right heel became so sore and painful I went to a podiatrist and they gave me a Shot in my foot and to be honest it hurt like hell and made my foot sorer. Was thinking I was going to have foot surgery but decided to Buy a new pair of your convertible Black sandals and started wearing them in my home. After a few months, it solved my heel problem 100% with no issues. I can honestly say Hawaiian Jelly’s sandals was a life saver and I highly recommend and stand behind your product if others have similar issues with their feet. Thank you again. Stephen Sabo


I just tried on the two pairs of jellys I received (I love them. They were replacing a pair that wore out). Susan Krumholz


My heels and arches feel great. Robert


I really love Jellies M. Palmer


New!Patriotic (Red/White/Blue) Slip…aaahs™Support our Troops 4th of July Special!! June 12 2017

New Technology!!

Try our new Ultra-Comfort Patriotic/Presidential Seal “Convertible” Slip…aaahs®

Now you can wear them topless or top on!!  Plantar Fasciitis? Bursitis? or just want something ultra-comfortable?  Take a look at our features.

Order here: only $48.95 with free magnetic U.S. Flag topper and a full $5.00 from every pair of our new Patriotic Slip…aaahs® purchased by July 30 goes to the Independence Fund to help  our severely injured veterans.  Order now!!