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Are my Hawaiian Jellys "Too Tight"? June 12 2017


Thanks for your letter concerning the sizing for Hawaiian Jellys. We strive to have every single one of our customers happy and will work to make you comfortable with your new Hawaiian Jellys as well in every way we can. That said, we have always been special with regard to "fit" because of the orthotics we build into each pair. Our customers frequently initially send us letters saying that they are too small however, after wearing for a few days and allowing a "Break-In period," many then realize they are in fact "perfect," and help with correct foot alignment and other footwear related problems etc. so you might give that a try.

However, if on the other hand yours are not long enough such as your toes hang over the toe bumper in the front, then yes we are happy to send you out the next size up. Please let us know your thoughts as once broken in correctly, you will find Hawaiian Jellys will be what you want to wear all of the time!


Aloha Crew